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EAPN letter to the EPSCO Council: Put People and Respect for the European Social Model first                                                     

Ahead of the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO) on 9-10 March 2009, EAPN has written to the Ministers regarding the impact of the crisis on people in poverty and anti poverty organisations. In their letter, EAPN puts forward short and long term proposals to ensure that the needs of people experiencing poverty are included in the response to the crisis.

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 Social Inclusion

Building Security, Giving Hope: EAPN Assessment of the National Strategic Reports on Social Protection and Social Inclusion (2008-10) Read

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EAPN Letter to EAPN to EU Ministers of Employment: “The adequacy of Minimum Income Schemes is a key way to address the economic crisis” Read

 The Lisbon Strategy

>>Will the economic crisis force a stronger social pillar in Lisbon? EAPN Social Inclusion Scoreboard on the National Reform Programmes (2008-10) Read

 Structural Funds


 Participation and civil Dialogue

EAPN EU 2021 Poverty Watch Report

This EU Poverty Watch report aims to capture the main findings, messages and recommendations from 21 Poverty Watches produced by our members. These reports start from the reality of people experiencing poverty and the perspectives of the NGOs that work with them. They aim to monitor key trends and policy, raise awareness about the reality for people experiencing poverty and…

A Socially Just and Poverty-Proof Green Deal | EAPN Capacity Building Report

Fifty million households around Europe are currently suffering from energy poverty. This means they cannot sufficiently light, heat or cool their homes. Energy poverty is rooted in structural causes – which span across the current economic, energy, climate, taxation, social, employment, welfare, health, and housing policies. The main drivers of energy poverty are low income,…

Social and Labour Aspects of the Just Transition towards Climate Neutrality | EAPN Position Paper

For the preparation of the proposal for a Council Recommendation on a fair transition towards climate neutrality, the European Commission launched a consultation process with civil society organisations active in the areas of social rights and labour policies, in the last trimester of 2021. In the first section of this position paper, EAPN sets out…

Right to energy briefing cover

Briefing on guaranteeing the Right to Affordable Clean Energy for all Europeans | EAPN-EPSU

Together with EPSU (the European Public Service Unions) we contributed to the Briefing: the Right to Affordable Clean Energy for all Europeans! Energy poverty is already affecting over 50 million Europeans, and this number is growing frighteningly fast. Equal access to clean and affordable energy must be guaranteed within the EU transition towards climate neutrality…

Working towards a Socially Inclusive and Poverty-proof Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic | EAPN Assessment

We are presenting our assessment of the Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy (ASGS) 2021 and of the EC proposal for a Joint Employment Report (JER) 2021. Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy 2021 The four dimensions of the ASGS 2020 – environmental sustainability, productivity, fairness and macroeconomic stability – remain the guiding principles for the ASGS 2021. The…

EAPN Expert Study On Minimum Income EU Framework Cover

Expert Study on a Binding EU Framework on Adequate National Minimum Income Schemes | A. Van Lancker, A. Aranguiz, H. Verschueren

EAPN and EMIN have repeatedly called for a Framework DIrective on Minimum Income, as well as the ETUC, EESC, Social Platform, Eurodiaconia and Caritas Europa, to name a few. There is new and compelling evidence that there is a strong legal and policy basis for introducing a binding EU framework for adequate national minimum income…

EAPN position on minimum income publication cover image

EAPN Position Paper on Adequate Income | Summary document on Minimum Income

In May 2020 EAPN issued a Position Paper on Adequate Income. It presents and updates EAPN’s priorities, proposals and demands in view of adequate income, covering both adequate minimum income (MI) and fair minimum wages (MW), including living wages, largely building upon earlier policy work by EAPN and the EMIN Network. This summary document presents…

EAPN Key messages on the European Green Deal and the “Just Transition” | EAPN Reflection Paper

On 11 December 2019, the new Commission launched its proposals to launch a radical European Green Deal as the ‘new Green strategy for Growth and Jobs’, complemented by a Just Transition Mechanism and a Communication building a ‘strong social Europe for Just Transitions’. President Von der Leyen confirmed that the Green Deal must ‘leave nobody…