EAPN Ireland: Anti Poverty Network discusses Troika-Government Programme with European Parliament delegation

The cumulative impact of unemployment, service cuts, exclusions from eligibility for benefits and increases in costs for people on low income are deepening poverty and destitution. We need a new direction to create a more inclusive and equal Ireland.

17/01/2014 – A delegation from  the European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN) Ireland, along with the Society of St Vincent de Paul, today met with the fact-finding mission from the European Parliament’s Economic and Finance Committee to discuss the legacy of the Economic Adjustment Programme agreed between the ‘Troika’ and the Irish Government.


New EAPN Report on Troika programmes and impact: Lifeboat or Life sentence?

EAPN releases report on Troika (EC, IMF, ECB/WB) arrangements and their catastrophic impact on poverty and social exclusion

17/01/2014 – In the aftermath of the economic and financial crisis, several countries in Europe have found themselves locked out of borrowing on international markets, and thus obliged to accept emergency financial assistance from a Troika of external institutions – the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund, and the European central Bank (for Eurozone countries) / the World Bank (non-Eurozone countries). This report, complemented by online thematic and country annexes, gives a comprehensive view on the Troika arrangements and on their impact on poverty on poverty and social exclusion.