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Barometer Report: Monitoring the implementation of the 20% of ESF earmarked for fighting poverty

{Jathumbnail}21-03-2016 – Today EAPN released its Barometer Report – Monitoring the implementation of the (at least) 20% of the European Social Fund that should be devoted to fight against poverty during the period 2014-2020 at a side-event organised by EAPN at the Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth 2016. The aim of this report is to carry out an initial monitoring of:

  • The implementation of the 20% earmarking of ESF on social inclusion and poverty reduction, in terms of spending, quality of delivery and impact;
  • The quality of the delivery on partnership with civil society, monitoring the code of conduct on partnership, and as partners in delivery.

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EAPN takes part in the Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth 2016

{Jathumbnail}21-03-2016EAPN, represented by delegates from all over Europe, attended the Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth 2016 (#ACIG2016) on 21 March, and put forward 4 Key Messages, along with 6 messages from the 14th Meeting of People Experiencing Poverty, held last November in Brussels.

The Convention was dedicated to identifying ways to improve Europe’s social dimension, by fighting poverty, reducing unemployment, and making sure no one is left behind, while the discussions mainly addressed the recently-launched consultation package around the establishment of a European Pillar of Social Rights.