EAPN calls for greater coherence in EU policies to fight poverty

EAPN has written to the Ministers for Social Affairs prior to their meeting1 next Thursday and Friday 20-21 June, where they will take key decisions on the Social Investment Package proposed by the European Commission and on the Country-Specific Recommendations, as part of the Europe 2020 Strategy. In its letter, EAPN presents proposals on how to use these major EU Instruments to ensure a stronger social dimension for the EU. EAPN’s letter also includes key messages on the social dimension of the European Monetary Union (EMU), as crucial decisions should be taken on that hot issue at the European Council of Heads of States on 27-28 June.

EU 2020: Civil Society Organisations call for transparent and real participation in the European semester

{jathumbnail}At a Public Hearing today in the European Parliament, European Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have joined forces in an ad-hoc coalition to present country-specific recommendations for 2013 in the areas of employment, poverty, education, tax, environmental change and gender equality. Together, they call for a more balanced social, sustainable and equality-based Economic and Monetary Union, Europe 2020 Strategy and effective multi-stakeholder engagement in the whole European Semester process.


Leading human rights organisations meet in Dublin with Irish Presidency to strategise on action to move forward the fight against child poverty in the EU

Dublin, 10 April 2013 – One in four children in the European Union is at risk of poverty, or already experiencing it. That equals 25.3 million children.In the wake of the economic crisis and austerity measures poverty levels are escalating across the continent, particularly child poverty. A recent European Commission Recommendation calls on EU governments to “invest in children – to break the cycle of disadvantage”1.


EAPN expresses its serious concerns regarding the tendencies threatening democracy, social inclusion and human rights in Hungary

Brussels, 19 March 2013 – EAPN expresses its support to all Hungarian non-governmental initiatives mobilising to draw attention both inside and outside of the country on the new instruments recently integrated into the Fundamental Law, which replaced in 2011 the Constitution of Hungary. These instruments further threaten democracy, social inclusion and human rights in Hungary. EAPN calls on the European Union institutions and all other relevant international actors to put pressure on the Hungarian Government and the Hungarian Parliament to reconsider and withdraw these recent amendments and the ‘anti-poor’ policies that accompany them.


The Social Investment Package must defend social spending!

Brussels, 15 February 2013 – The European Commission will adopt the long-awaited Social Investment Package on the 20th February. For the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN), the package must provide a coherent strategy for fighting poverty, backed by EU funding, capable of achieving the poverty target. It is vital that the package includes concrete measures that defend and show the benefits of social spending and infrastructures.

Recovery needs a real social package and a golden rule!

2012 Annual Convention on Poverty:

EAPN calls on EU leaders to face the real causes of the crisis and bring the real solutions – send a sign of real political commitment!

Brussels, 11 December 2012 – From 5 to 7 December, EAPN attended the 2nd Annual Convention of the European Platform Against Poverty in Brussels, which meant to assess the progress made on the poverty-reduction target set by the Europe 2020 Strategy. 

EAPN’s key messages to the Annual Convention on Poverty – EU is failing both on Poverty and Democracy

EAPN’s key messages to the Annual Convention on Poverty

We call on a coherent anti-poverty strategy and process, at the heart of Europe 2020

Brussels, 3rd December 2012 – On 5-7th December, the 2nd Annual Convention of the European Platform Against Poverty will take place in Brussels. The Convention will assess progress on the target set by the Europe 2020 Strategy to reduce poverty and social exclusion by at least 20 million by 2020. 

EAPN Reaction to EU Budget Negotiations – Some light in the tunnel

Brussels, 27 November 2012 – EAPN welcomes President Barroso’s strong defense of the proposed EU Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived, but also warns the amount suggested will not cover the growing needs. On the cohesion funds and the future of the European Social Fund, the only Fund investing in people rather than in infrastructures, EAPN will continue to run its campaign EU Money for Poverty Reduction Now! calling on Member States to approve  the European Commission’s proposal, the only viable solution in that regard. EAPN also advocates for an end to the austerity approach, which has proven devastating and totally counterproductive.