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EAPN letter to the EPSCO Council: Put People and Respect for the European Social Model first                                                     

Ahead of the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO) on 9-10 March 2009, EAPN has written to the Ministers regarding the impact of the crisis on people in poverty and anti poverty organisations. In their letter, EAPN puts forward short and long term proposals to ensure that the needs of people experiencing poverty are included in the response to the crisis.

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 Social Inclusion

Building Security, Giving Hope: EAPN Assessment of the National Strategic Reports on Social Protection and Social Inclusion (2008-10) Read

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EAPN Letter to EAPN to EU Ministers of Employment: “The adequacy of Minimum Income Schemes is a key way to address the economic crisis” Read

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 Structural Funds


 Participation and civil Dialogue

Putting Social Rights and Poverty Reduction at the heart of EU’s COVID-19 Response | EAPN’s Assessment

In this report, we present our members’ assessment of the 2020 Country Reports in the context of COVID19, monitoring progress on poverty and social rights through the Europe 2020 poverty target, the implementation of the EPSR and the SDGs as well as follow up on 2019 Country-specific Recommendations. This includes an assessment of progress on participation of…

Ensuring Education, Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning | EAPN Report

EAPN has a long-standing interest around the issue of education and its many aspects of access, affordability, quality and equal opportunities, which are crucial in the empowerment of people experiencing poverty and their integration in society. The links between education, training, lifelong learning and poverty and social exclusion are manifold. EAPN advocates for the right to universal,…

2019PEP | The Time is Now to make Europe poverty free!

The 2019 PeP Meeting took place on 18 and 19 November, at the beginning of a new term of the European Commission and European Parliament. During this meeting, we took the opportunity to raise awareness about the history of PeP meetings, organised since 2000, and to present the political priorities that people experiencing poverty (PeP)…

Working for a Green and Social Deal that ends poverty! | EAPN Response to the Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy 2020

On 17 December, the new European Commission adopted the ‘Autumn Package’, including the Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy (ASGS) 2020 and Joint Employment Report (JER).  EAPN presents its full analysis of the Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy. 2019, EAPN wrote to President Juncker and President Von der Leyen presenting our key recommendations, drawn from our assessment of…

Delivering Agenda 2030 – For People and Planet | EAPN Proposals for a post Europe 2020 Strategy

EAPN presents its position paper on Delivering Agenda 2030 for people and the planet – EAPN Proposals for a Post Europe 2020 strategy the European Semester  – a set of priorities for the European Commission and EU institutions to create a strategy promoting effective rights-based social and sustainable development. The elections of the new European…

EAPN Semester Report 2019 cover image

Is the 2019 European Semester More Social? | EAPN Assessment of the European Semester 2019

EAPN presents its report on the European Semester – Is the European 2019 European Semester More Social? – an assessment on how far the European Semester in 2019 has supported progress in terms of delivery on social rights and the Europe 2020 poverty reduction target, as well as promoting participation of civil society and people facing…

EAPN report cover

A Step Forward for Social Rights? | EAPN Assessment of 2019 Country-Specific Recommendations & Country Analysis

EAPN presents its members’ main messages – A Step Forward for Social Rights? – and annex containing a country-by-country detailed assessment of the Country-Specific Recommendations (CSRs), in terms of their contribution to the fight against poverty, exclusion and inequality. Last month, the European Commission adopted the 2019 Country-Specific Recommendations (CSRs) and published a Communication. Whilst…

EAPN 2019 Country Reports Cover 3579

No Time for Complacency | EAPN Assessment of the Country Reports and Proposals for Country-Specific Recommendations 2019

EAPN presents its members’ assessment of the 2019 Country Reports for EU Member States: No Time for Complacency. Members monitored progress on the Europe 2020 poverty target and the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights as well as follow up on 2018 Country-Specific Recommendations. At the end, members make their proposals for Country-Specific…

Getting results on poverty and the Social Pillar | EAPN Response to the Annual Growth Survey Package 2019

On 21 November, the European Commission adopted its ‘Autumn Package’, including the Annual Growth Survey (AGS) 2019 and the Draft Joint Employment Report (JER). On the occasion, EAPN published an immediate Response Statement: Increase in social rights and participation but more needed to balance economic and social goals. EAPN now presents its full analysis of the…