Working for a Green and Social Deal that ends poverty! | EAPN Response to the Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy 2020

On 17 December, the new European Commission adopted the ‘Autumn Package’, including the Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy (ASGS) 2020 and Joint Employment Report (JER).  EAPN presents its full analysis of the Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy. 2019, EAPN wrote to President Juncker and President Von der Leyen presenting our key recommendations, drawn from our assessment of…

Getting results on poverty and the Social Pillar | EAPN Response to the Annual Growth Survey Package 2019

On 21 November, the European Commission adopted its ‘Autumn Package’, including the Annual Growth Survey (AGS) 2019 and the Draft Joint Employment Report (JER). On the occasion, EAPN published an immediate Response Statement: Increase in social rights and participation but more needed to balance economic and social goals. EAPN now presents its full analysis of the…

EAPN Netherlands: News from the network – participation and what way forward in 2014? by Jo Bothmer

October 2013 – EAPN NL had a meeting of old and new organizations which were/are interested in co operating with EAPN NL in the fight against poverty and social exclusion. We were hoping to have at least a few new –might be- members present. So we were positively surprised to see that 8 new organizations, working on local, regional and national level attended this meeting.

8.5 million people in poverty in France

Dec 2012 – This video ( was made for the National Conference against poverty and for social inclusion (Dec 2012), which gathered the French Government, public administration services, NGOs working with People experiencing poverty and People experiencing poverty themselves. All these stakeholders have worked together in thematic workshops for the preparation of the event. The National Council on the fight against poverty and exclusion now has an “Collège” (group) of People experiencing poverty, which is now the 8th Collège member of the National Council.

Funding opportunities at EU level

DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion in the European Commission Calls for proposals Calls for tender DG Justice in the European Commission The Commission makes direct financial contributions in the form of grants to projects or organisations which help implement EU programmes or policies. To apply for grant funding, you must reply to open calls…


Social Services, crisis and suicides in Italy

23/04/13 – by Nicoletta Teodosi, Cilap Eapn Italy


The latest tragic news reports, three person suicides due to financial problems, confirm that social services are experienced as an indignity. Confirms the sense of marginality in which a person can find him/herself in a particular moment in their lives. Conversely Social Services are places where one can be heard and more often than not, find answers. Modesty and shame are the prevalent feelings accompany the people used to live their own lives with dignity and never ask for anyone’s help.