Walloon Network Against Poverty, RWLP (member of BAPN) : New publication on inequalities and poverty in Wallonia – Working paper of IWEPS – Anne- Catherine GUIO Christine MAHY

September 2013, Namur – In this publication, “Regards sur la pauvreté et les inégalités en Wallonie”, the authors have opted to cross different indicators to best approach the reality of the Walloon population facing poverty and insecurity. Most of the indicators used were defined, used and validated at European level and are mainly from the European Survey on Income and Living Conditions ( EU-SILC) .


EAPN Sweden translates Active Inclusion Booklet

EAPN Sweden has translated in Swedish a summary of the Active Inclusion Booklet Active Inclusion: Making It Happen, which  aims to explore the reality of the European Commission’s Active Inclusion Strategy…

  • showing progress on implementation so far,
  • highlighting good and bad practices,
  • signposting key elements to making the strategy work at national and EU levels.

Open the document here.

EAPN Greece: key facts and figures on poverty!

Athens, 09-10 November 2012 – In solidarity with its Greek network, EAPN held its Executive Committee in Athens, preceded by an open debate on the overall situation as well as on poverty and social exclusion. Maria Marinakou, from EAPN Greece, put together some key figures on poverty in Greece, which really helps get a clearer picture of the reality.

Poverty in Greece: key facts and figures! by Maria Marinakou, EAPN Greece.


MAPP Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform (MAPP)

On 16.10.2012, the MAPP launched its latest annual report on poverty and social exclusion 2011 at the EU Info Centre in Skopje. The event was covered largelly by the media. This annual report on poverty and social exclusion 2011 assesses and analyses policies, trends and challenges in the field of poverty and social exclusion as well as trends, as well as the situation of vulnerable groups identified in different regions of Macedonia.