EAPN meets Latvian NGOs

On 16-17 November, exco members Goran Larsson and Arunas Svitojus and development officer Tanya Basarab went on a study visit to Latvia to discuss with local NGOs and government representatives the possibility to establish an anti poverty network in Latvia.

Peer Review on Active Inclusion

EAPN and Eurochild participated in an important Peer Review on 3-4 December in Paris involving representatives from 11 Member States, focussed on the use of targets, and scoreboard mechanisms of indicators and governance mechanisms as drivers for active inclusion policy implementation.

EAPN France: National Meeting on Participation “despite poverty, the power of doing”

On 12 and 13 November, several national networks (FNARS, UNIOPSS, Secours Catholique, Fondation de l’Armée du Salut, Croix rouge Française, UNCCAS, Advocacy) and local networks (FNARS Basse-Normandie, URIOPSS Basse Normandie, Commission régionale « dire et réagir ensemble » made of users and professionals, ATD Fourth-World, CAF du Calvados, IRTS de Basse-Normandie) organized a national meeting…