EAPN Ireland – Press Release: “Closure of Forum on Europe Short-sighted and Disappointing”

Responding to the disappointing closure of the National Forum on Europe, Anna Visser, Director of the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) Ireland, expressed concern that this closure is the latest in a long line of decisions that undermine and stifle the quality of Irish democratic debate. 2009 is a critical year for Ireland’s engagement with Europe. 

EAPN’s Press Release: Spring Council fails to give an integrated social response to the crisis!

On 20 March, EAPN published a press release following the Conclusions from the Spring Council (19/20 March). For EAPN, these conclusions represent a disappointing narrowing of the focus of the EU economic recovery packages – prioritising financial regulation, employment and new investment rather than an integrated strategy to tackle the social impact of the crisis.…