Tackling poverty in Sweden in a snapshot

Swedish Delegation input to the 2015 European Meeting of People experiencing Poverty
On the occasion of the 2015 European Meeting of People experiencing Poverty, the Swedish delegation handed out a publication they produced specifically for the meeting. Monica and Jonathan, two members of the Swedish delegation present at the meeting introduce the publication with their own testimonies. The leaflet goes on presenting the AlltMöjligt Verkstaden (“Everything is possible”) workshop and social enterprise for work training and rehabilitation with concrete stories of people on different topics. The leaflet ends by a presentation of the hearing “Everyone has a voice – use it!” organized by the regional network of EAPN Southern Sweden, with politicians in June 2014. Tackling the topics of Refugees, Jobs, user influence, Law and rights and Cooperation, the policy proposals are backed by concrete examples. The publication gives a good insight on what is going on the ground and what is done to tackle poverty and exclusion in Sweden.