Budget 2017 must make good on Government promises to deliver a fair society

The Community Platform, an alliance of 29 national organisations, (including EAPN Ireland)  is calling for a Budget 2017 to reflect the promise in the Programme for Government to deliver a fair society so that communities thrive through concrete measures and longer-term strategies to address inequality and poverty. The Platform has outlined Four tests for the…


Homeless in Europe magazine by member FEANTSA is out!

FEANTSA announces their Summer 2016 edition of the Homeless in Europe Magazine – “Perspectives on Women’s Homelessness”. With the European Parliament recently calling twice for “research into female homelessness and its causes and drivers,” women’s homelessness is an issue which is often ignored in both research and in policy. We hope the innovative approaches described…

EAPN Latvia Organises Protest on Mayday

On May 1 Leaders of EAPN-Latviac organised a protest in collaboration with the Latvian Free Trade Union and with the support of the National Assembly “On decent work, healthcare and education in Latvia”. The demonstration was held in the Doma square in Riga. Here are some pictures of the event:   2016-Mayday-EAPN-Latvia-Pic1 2016-Mayday-EAPN-Latvia-Pic2 2016-Mayday-EAPN-Latvia-Pic3