EAPN’s MAG 1/2013 – The EAPN Fund – Providing hope for the future

EAPN dedicates its first 2013 Mag to the EAPN Fund, launched with the King Baudouin Foundation, as a legacy of the 2010 European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion. Key for raising funds has been the Row4Rights initiative, for which teams of rowers have gathered funds themselves and taken part in a tremendous sporting event. On the other hand, thanks to the EAPN Fund, EAPN Hungary has managed to complete the Adult Life Entry Network project and EAPN Netherlands has been able to start anew. The EAPN Fund also financed the study visit in India for two EAPN activists with direct experience of poverty, with the support of Dignity International and Ekta Parishad, a people’s movement which initiated the march of the landless in 2012. Part of EAPN’s Fund is also the EAPN Award, open to NGOs and public entities who have promoted transnational learning and participation of people experiencing poverty.


Towards Children’s well-being in Europe – EAPN and Eurochild’s explainer on Child Poverty in the EU

25 million children in the European Union (EU) are at risk of poverty or social exclusion – that is one child in every four. Most of these children grow up in poor families, who are increasingly struggling to provide them with a decent life. This is a social crime in an EU that prides itself on its social model, an attack on fundamental rights and a failure to invest in people and in our future. Can the EU afford the price?

2013-EAPN-CSR-Analysis-EN cover

EAPN produces an assessment of the Council’s Country Specific Recommendations and proposes its own

EAPN continues to engage as active partners in Europe 2020 and the European Semester, at national and EU level, in order to make progress on the poverty and other social targets and the goals of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Its members have produced an analysis of the Country Specific Recommendations and their implementation, along with their own alternative recommendations.

EAPN releases its conference report: “Is Europe 2020 delivering on poverty?”

This major conference offered an opportunity to discuss the reality for the most vulnerable in the context of austerity policies and the malfunctioning of stakeholder participation in decision-making, and provided a chance to discuss how to improve this situation. It built on EAPN members’ enormous efforts to engage in the Europe 2020 Strategy and their expertise as contributors to the National Reform Programmes (NRPs)/National Social Reports (NSRs). EAPN’s Analysis and Recommendations were presented.


Mag 2/2012 – POVERTY REDUCTION: WILL MEMBER STATES BREAK THEIR PROMISES? The contribution of Structural Funds to Poverty Reduction

This issue of the EAPN Mag on the future of the EU Structural Funds tells the story of how the Member States are ready to break the promise they made when the agreed the EU Poverty Reduction Target. One of the key fruits of this agreed target has been the proposal from the Commission to ring-fence 25% of the next round of Structural Funds for the European Social Fund (ESF) and to ring-fence 20% of the ESF to fight poverty and social exclusion. 


EAPN Sweden translates Active Inclusion Booklet

EAPN Sweden has translated in Swedish a summary of the Active Inclusion Booklet Active Inclusion: Making It Happen, which  aims to explore the reality of the European Commission’s Active Inclusion Strategy…

  • showing progress on implementation so far,
  • highlighting good and bad practices,
  • signposting key elements to making the strategy work at national and EU levels.

Open the document here.

EAPN Greece: key facts and figures on poverty!

Athens, 09-10 November 2012 – In solidarity with its Greek network, EAPN held its Executive Committee in Athens, preceded by an open debate on the overall situation as well as on poverty and social exclusion. Maria Marinakou, from EAPN Greece, put together some key figures on poverty in Greece, which really helps get a clearer picture of the reality.

Poverty in Greece: key facts and figures! by Maria Marinakou, EAPN Greece.


MAPP Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform (MAPP)

On 16.10.2012, the MAPP launched its latest annual report on poverty and social exclusion 2011 at the EU Info Centre in Skopje. The event was covered largelly by the media. This annual report on poverty and social exclusion 2011 assesses and analyses policies, trends and challenges in the field of poverty and social exclusion as well as trends, as well as the situation of vulnerable groups identified in different regions of Macedonia.

EAPN letters

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