OSE & ETUI | Social policy in the European Union: state of play 2015

The sixteenth edition of Social policy in the European Union: state of play has a triple ambition. First, it provides easily accessible information to a wide audience about recent developments in both EU and domestic social policymaking. Second, the volume provides a more analytical reading, embedding the key developments of the year 2014 in the most recent academic discourses. Third, the forward-looking perspective of the book aims to provide stakeholders and policymakers with specific tools that allow them to discern new opportunities to influence policymaking.

2015 NRP report cover

EAPN Assessment of the National Reform Programmes 2015 – Can the Semester Deliver on Poverty and Participation?

09/10/2015 – Today EAPN released its EAPN Assessment of the National Reform Programmes 2015 – Can the Semester Deliver on Poverty and Participation? at its Annual Policy Conference held in partnership with and at the premises of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). The report, strongly welcomed by the attendance including high-level representatives, provides a synthesis of EAPN members’ assessment of the 2015 National Reform Programmes. Each of the 21 National EAPN Networks have assessed on how far the NRPs are delivering on the social targets of Europe 2020 (particularly the poverty target, but also the employment and education targets) and on the effectiveness of civil society stakeholders’ engagement with the governance process of the Semester and Europe 2020. The report consequently draws 3 main messages. 

2015 EAPN case study DRIVERS

Report on income and social protection for the EU Drivers Project: Synthesis of case-study evidence compiled by European Anti-Poverty Network

02/02/2015 – As part of the ‘DRIVERS for Health Equity’ project, EAPN published a report and synthesis of case-study evidence on income and social protection, which is a joint EAPN and Centre for health Equity Studies (CHESS) work. Authored by Fiona McHardy with Olle Lundberg, this research undertook a case study approach exploring in a comparative country context, the impact of social protection system, both operations and provisions, on health inequality, in Hungary, Poland, UK, Sweden and Portugal. The publication also includes a Toolkit on how to develop focus groups (Annex 2).

2015 EAPN position integrated guidelines cover

EAPN Proposals on New Commission Integrated Guidelines: Economic and Employment

12/04/2015 – EAPN has issued its Proposals regarding the new European Commission’s Integrated Guidelines in the economic and employment fields. This 6-page document summarises the new guidelines, their potential and shortfalls as well as a set of 7 recommendations: 1) Guidelines must deliver on Europe 2020 goals and targets, 2) Inclusive Investment means Social Investment, 3) Safeguard adequate social protection for social cohesion,

Juncker’s EU Investment Plan and the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI): EAPN briefing

27/07/2015 – EAPN has released its briefing on Juncker’s EU Investment Plan and the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI). As a consequence of the economic crisis, the level of investment in the EU has dropped significantly since its peak in 2007, by about 15%. The former Barroso Commission had been characterized by the austerity era, where fiscal consolidation has been over prioritized at the expense of investments, including social investment. Although the current Juncker Commission is composed by the same political coalition, the urgency of a response in terms of investment to the consequences of the economic and financial crisis seems to have become more prominent.

EAPN’s contribution to EC Consultation on long-term unemployment

12/05/2015 – EAPN submitted today its contribution to the European Commission’s consultation regarding the provision of services to long-term unemployed in the Member States and at EU level. In its response, EAPN highlights that the long-term unemployed cannot be regarded as a homogenous group, and a one-size-fits-all approach will not yield the expected results.

2015 EAPN CSR 2015 Assessment cover

EAPN releases its full assessment of the European Commission’s Country-Specific Recommendations 2015

10/06/2015 – On May 15 the Commission adopted their proposals for Country-Specific Recommendations (CSRs). EAPN responded with an immediate Press Release calling on Commission to issue poverty recommendations not only in 6 but in all Member States. This paper sets out the main messages and main recommendations from a more detailed assessment of the CSRs, as regards their delivery on the Europe 2020 Strategy targets on poverty reduction, employment and education. A detailed country by country analysis is annexed.