European Year 2012 Coalition: Launch of EY2012: Let’s all commit to an age-friendly European Union by 2020!

17/01 – On the eve of the launch of the European Year on Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, the EY2012 Coalition, of which EAPN is a member, presents its joint Manifesto and Road Map and urges all relevant actors at local, national and European level to seize the momentum of the European Year 2012 to commit to creating an age-friendly European Union that will allow everyone to live, learn, work and age with dignity.

EAPN speaks in Eurocities Event: Cities for Active Inclusion and Round Table on National Reform Programmes

Eurocities held their final event in the Cities for Active Inclusion project for 2011 on the 29th November in Brussels, assessing the key findings. The morning session included inputs from EP Employment Committee Vice President: Elizabeth Schroeder on the Future of ESF, followed by good practice workshops on social innovation, active inclusion of young people, quality of social services and social economy.