EAPN meets in Athens – The medicine is killing the patient… and democracy!

Athens, 09-10 November 2012 – In solidarity with its Greek network, EAPN held its Executive Committee in Athens, preceded by an open debate on the overall situation as well as on poverty and social exclusion. Sergio Aires, President of EAPN, and Fintan Farrell, Director of EAPN, both spoke on behalf on EAPN. “The imposition of such measures and their negative impact seem to be deliberate. Deliberate for what? For the promotion of precarity in these countries towards a new world order meeting the needs of increasingly large Corporations and resulting in slavery and misery for the majority of citizens for the benefit of an even wealthier minority”, said Sergio Aires.

42 NGO networks address European Council, Parliament and Commission: Play the card of partnership

07 Nov 2012 – 42 NGO networks including EAPN co-signed an open letter sent yesterday to the Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission on the Partnership principle, highlighting their concerns about the on-going trend towards a dilution of this partnership principle, the decrease of socio-economic and civil society stakeholder’s participation and the deletion of the Code of conduct. 

EAPN on Study visit in India

{jathumbnail}October 2012 – Anu Toodu (EAPN Estonia), Sabrina Emilio (EAPN Italy) and Fintan Farrell (Director EAPN) were on a study visit in Indian the end of October organised in cooperation with Dignity International. During the visit they had opportunities to share experiences with leaders of the Dalit’s community and with Ekta Parishad (the Gandhian inspired movement of landless people) as well as other human rights activists in India.

EAPN speaks at EPSU’s Economic Committee

25/10 – EAPN presented the 2012 NRP Report and country-specific Recommendations to EPSU, European public services union, Economic Committee on the 25th October. The presentation formed part of a mutual exchange on EU and national engagement in Europe 2020, and explored the potential for increased collaboration between EPSU and EAPN members in the NRP/Economic semester process.

EAPN speaks in Cyprus High Level Presidency Conference: Investing in Children: Preventing and tackling child poverty and social exclusion, promoting well-being

18-19/10, Nicosia – EAPN Estonia, Cyprus and EAPN secretariat participated in this important high level conference organized by the Cypriot Presidency aiming to send strong messages to the Commission and Council on the need to strongly back a Commission Recommendation on tackling Child Poverty and promoting well-being due in early 2013, as part of the Social Investment Package. Apart from the plenary sessions involving the Ministry, Commission and the Cypriot Children’s Parliament, a panel debate involving ministries approach to austerity was held, then 3 parallel workshop sessions on the 3 pillars of the upcoming Recommendation:

From Nobel Prize to ACTION: EAPN calls on EU leaders to deliver on their commitments

Brussels, 15 October 2012 – The award of the Nobel Prize to the European Union for its contribution to peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights is, as President Barroso said, “a message of hope and confidence in the EU at a time when the EU faces a great challenge”. A great challenge indeed, as the EU’s response to the crisis attests to a three-fold failure: EU leaders have failed to deliver on its promises on poverty reduction, have in fact generated more poverty by ‘austerity-only’ driven policies, and neglected democratic fundamental principles. In its letter sent today to EU Prime Ministers and Heads of State ahead of the Council Meeting on 18 and 19 October, where they will discuss next steps on the future of the Economic and Monetary Union, EAPN urges EU Leaders to demonstrate their commitment to a Social Union and to the safeguarding of democracy.

On 16 October, EAPN sent another letter to the Presidents of the EU, urging them to create a special fund to support organisations fighting poverty, exclusion and inequality.