EAPN expects concrete action from Commission’s orientation debate on social policy

 10/06/2015 – Commissioners yesterday discussed ‘Policy Orientations for a Social Europe’ in Strasbourg followed by a press conference with Commissioners Thyssen and Dombrovskis. EAPN welcomed the debate and did identify some positive elements, notably the the mention of ‘good jobs, i.e. quality jobs’, the importance of strong social protection and benchmarking minimum income – adequacy and coverage. 

EAPN participates in First Round of Social Cohesion Days

06/06/2015 – Barbara Helfferich director of EAPN attended the first round of SOCIAL COHESION DAYS organized by the Italian Foundation “EasyCare” from Reggio Emilia from 4-6 of June 2015. During a panel discussion with representatives of trade unions and social NGOs, Barbara presented the work of EAPN underlining in particular work done under the Minimum Income Project.  She also detailed the efforts of EAPN and its national networks to fight poverty in the context of the European Semester.

EAPN attends Vulnerable Consumers Working Group

03/06/2015 – EAPN participated in the European Commission’s Vulnerable Consumer’s group organized jointly by DG Energy and DG Justice. The group operated from 2012-13 and is now starting up again  looking at develop new guidance for the Energy Union and highlighting good practices in the field of energy poverty and vulnerable consumers. A key issue will be the issue of  price regulation and the overlap between policy solutions on poverty and energy poverty.

Council of Europe discusses minimum living income

01/06/2015 – The Council of Europe at a recent meeting in Chisinau, Moldova, discussed the need for a citizen income.  The debate supported the need for an adequate minimum living income as a means of protecting human dignity and autonomy. The Rapporteur for the report is Ms Nunzia CATALFO, from Italy. Fintan Farrell, Project Coordinator EMIN, presented the results of the EMIN project.

EAPN supports national pilot projects on Europe 2020 and the European Semester

In 2015, EAPN is supporting its National Networks in launching ‘Europe 2020’ national pilot projects aiming to raise awareness at national level amongst key stakeholders like decision makers, civil-society stakeholders on the Europe 2020 Strategy and European Semester process. They will also aim to build capacity and promote better participation of all stakeholders in policy- and decision-making processes. As this pilot initiative also fosters cooperation and mutual learning amongst the national networks and organisations involved, some of the 5 pilot actions will therefore be carried out by a lead organization or network together with another support organization or network.

Semester Alliance | EU further off-track to deliver an inclusive, sustainable, social and equal Europe

20/05/2015 – The EU is failing to deliver an inclusive recovery strategy, which is urgently needed to bring the Europe 2020 Strategy back on track – in particular to combat poverty, create quality jobs, invest in early child development, equality for all, including gender equality and ensure environmental sustainability. This is the critical assessment of the Semester Alliance, a broad European coalition bringing together environmental, social and equality NGOs and trade unions, responding to the European Commission’s Country-Specific Recommendations (CSRs) published on 13 May 2015.

EAPN participates in Social Platform conference on the Social Dimension of the EU Presidency in Luxembourg

On 02-03 June 2015, EAPN members from EAPN Luxembourg and EAPN Latvia will participate and represent EAPN in Social Platform NGO Networking Meeting & Cconference on the Social Dimension of the EU Presidency in Luxembourg, ahead of the upcoming Luxembourgish Presidency of the EU. This event is bringing together a wide range of key stakeholders including governmental representatives and Luxembourgish and EU civil society.

EAPN participates in EUROCITIES Urban dialogues (1): Tackling unemployment with Europe’s cities

12/05/2015 – EUROCITIES organised a panel debate on Urban dialogues (1): Tackling unemployment with Europe’s cities with Sian Jones, EAPN’s Policy Coordinator as one of its key speakers. The purpose of the debate was to present the EUROCITIES Work Declaration and engage relevant stakeholders on a dialogue with cities. NGOs have a very important role to play in creative inclusive labour market and they are key partners of local governments.