Semester Alliance holds Stakeholder Meeting with invited Guests

On 27 November 2015, the EU Alliance for a democratic, social and sustainable European Semester (EU Semester Alliance) will hold a stakeholder meeting in dialogue with key representatives from the European Commission and the Council of Ministers who are engaged in the Semester process: Michele Calandrino, Policy Officer from Directorate D, Policy Coordination 1: Europe 2020, European Semester and Economic Governance, in  DG Secretariat General  and Muriel Rabau, SPC member for Belgium and Vice Chair of the SPC Bureau.  The purpose of the meeting is to establish a regular dialogue between the EU institutions and representatives of the 16 member organizations  of the Alliance (see below) with key officials on the occasion of the launch of the  Annual Growth Survey 2016.

EAPN participates in High-Level Reflecting Group – Socializing the European Semester

13/11/2015 – Sian Jones, EAPN Policy Coordinator, was invited to participate in a small Reflecting Group composed of experts from EU institutions and stakeholders alike, to provide essential feedback for the completion of the final report due beginning of December 2015 on ‘Further Socializing the European Semester:  Moving forward for the social Triple A’. The report  provides the ‘state of play’ of how social and employment issues are being considered in the semester process – including important new developments in the 2015 cycle.

EAPN participates in EESC/ESC conference: Common Social values, principles and social governance

04/11/2015 – EAPN participated in this important conference organized jointly by EESC and the ESC of Luxembourg on “Common social values and principles & social governance”. The aim was to promote dialogue with decision-makers and stakeholders on key new inputs aiming to influence the Commission’s upcoming proposals for the EU’s Social Pillar or “Social Triple A’ as proposed by President Juncker.

EAPN participates in the EP intergroup event for World Eradication of Poverty day

23/10/2015 – The Intergroup organized a special meeting to celebrate the world day, linked to the Global Day to eradicate poverty, to which EAPN participated. The key speaker was Mario Monti, followed by a panel debate, including the intergroup chair, Caritas Secretary General and ATD activists with direct experience of poverty. The session closed with the traditional Ceremony at the stone in the Parliament forecourt.

12thM 2013 PT delegation R Lee EAPN

#2015PEP – SOCIAL CONVERGENCE IN THE EU – A strategic dialogue meeting with People experiencing Poverty

The European Meeting of People experiencing Poverty takes place this year on 19-20 November 2015 in Brussels as a consultation with people experiencing poverty to gather their input on policies to foster social convergence in Europe and to strengthen the participation of people experiencing poverty in policies that affect them. Delegations of people experiencing poverty from 30 countries in Europe exchange with EU officials and other policy makers. It is expected that the outcomes of this Year’s meeting will feed into the Annual Convention on Poverty and Social Exclusion that is likely to take place early 2016.

EAPN calls for implementation of poverty target and EU framework Directive on minimum income at European Parliament Employment Committee Hearing

12/10/2015 – Sian Jones, EAPN Policy Coordinator spoke as expert witness in the Employment Committee Hearing for Tamas Meszerics’ own-initiative report “Meeting the Anti-Poverty Target in light of increasing Household Costs”. EAPN called for the poverty target to be confirmed and implemented, putting Europe 2020 at the heart of the Semester, with an explicit integrated…

EAPN Challenges the EU to live up to its Values and Beliefs – Open Letter

On the eve of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (17 October 2015) EAPN issues this open letter to the heads of States and Governments in the European Union.

Since 1987, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty invites states to “present and promote concrete activities with regard to the eradication of poverty and destitution”. The Europe 2020 Strategy commits Member States to achieve a poverty-reduction target. The newly adopted UN Sustainable Development Goals commit governments to take action to “end poverty”. It is now time for the EU to bring coherence to all these commitments and adopt a comprehensive and integrated strategy to eradicate poverty, which is built with and for people experiencing poverty.

EAPN and EPSU send joint letter on Energy Poverty to Energy Union Commissioner Šefčovič’s cabinet

14/10/2015 – EAPN and EPSU sent a joint letter to the cabinet of the Energy Union Commissioner and Vice President, Maroš Šefčovič as a follow up to a dialogue meeting held on the 11 September. The meeting and letter highlighted EAPN and EPSU’s joint concerns about growing Energy Poverty, with an estimated 54 million (10.8%) of EU citizens affected by energy poverty in 2012 (See Insight-E study). Yet despite this failure, only 12% of the most vulnerable consumers are put on the lowest energy tariffs.

EMIN | ETUC adopts action plan in favour of EU Framework Directive on Adequate Minimum Income Schemes

02/10/2015 – Fintan Farrell, Coordinator for the EMIN Project and European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) Project officer is attending today the 13th ETUC Congress #ETUC15. On behalf of the EMIN Project, its partners and EAPN, he congratulates the organisation for adopting an action plan in favour of an EU Framework Directive on Adequate Minimum Income Schemes.  This is great step forward. Congratulations to Claudia Menne for her careful and considered handling of this issue. It is just one of her legacies from her time as Confederal Secretary“, he said.