EAPN presents President Barroso and EP parliamentary leaders its contribution towards the debate on the shape of the EU post 2010 strategy

{jathumbnail}On July 10th, EAPN wrote to President Barroso regarding the new Commission’s work programme and strategic priorities he will be presenting on 14-16th of July to the new Parliament opening session. EAPN highlights how the current growth and competition focus of the Lisbon Strategy has not managed to reduce the gap between rich and poor, with 79 million people still facing poverty.

EAPN reacts to the EC Communications on Employment

On 22 June, EAPN issued two responses, one to the EC Communication “A Shared Commitment for Employment” and the other on the EC Communication on “New Skills for New Jobs”. On the first one, EAPN appreciates the recognition of the Active Inclusion Recommendation, but is disappointed that it has not been translated into concrete proposals or actions. On the second one, EAPN points out several important issues that should be taken into account.

EAPN counting on YOU!

As you already know, EAPN is running its Campaign for Adequate Minimum Income schemes throughout the EU. It calls on all people who believe in providing everyone with the opportunity to live a dignified life to join the campaign by signing the appeal on www.adequateincome.eu. Read more.

EAPN disappointed with Employment Summit conclusions

Social Cohesion promised – but not delivered. EAPN welcomes the commitment made by the Summit to put people at the centre of the recovery plans, promoting social cohesion through an integrated economic, employment and social approach. However, these principles are not delivered through the actions proposed. The 10-step solutions focus mainly on maintaining jobs at…