European Parliament presses for Commission action in defense of social rights on Latvia

On Wednesday 7 October, EAPN participated in a meeting in the European Parliament, organized by MEPs and 50 delegates from Latvian Trade Unions and NGOs to press the Commission about the serious social situation in Latvia arising from the conditions placed by the Commission on the Latvian Government to reduce their public deficit rapidly and make cuts in services. Urgent action was called for to redress this approach.

EAPN participates in EPEE EU Conference on Fuel Poverty

On 8 October, Ludo Horemans participated in the EPEE EU Conference on fuel poverty  organised by EPEE (European Fuel Poverty and Efficiency) Consortium funded by the Energy Intelligent Europe Programme. He highlighted the importance to tackle the growing problem of fuel poverty by an integrated approach embrassing the issues of an adequate minimum income, the high level of energy prices and the promotion of energy efficiency.