EAPN publishes a comparative table of minimum income schemes in the EU

EAPN has published on its Minimum Income Campaign website a comparative table of minimum income schemes throughout the EU (plus Norway and Iceland). 3 Member States currently do not have Minimum Income schemes in place (Greece, Italy, Hungary). The same is also true for Norway. Even where schemes exist, there are serious flaws with the accessibility and the adequacy of these schemes.

EAPN, FEANTSA and CECODHAS support EC amendment proposal of ERDF Regulation for marginalised communities

On 8 September, EAPN, FEANTSA and CECODHAS sent a common letter to the Swedish Presidency and to the Rapporteur MEP Lambert Van Nistelrooij to support the European Commission’s proposal to amend the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Regulation regarding the eligibility of housing interventions for marginalised communities, in order to improve their housing conditions.

EAPN presents President Barroso and EP parliamentary leaders its contribution towards the debate on the shape of the EU post 2010 strategy

{jathumbnail}On July 10th, EAPN wrote to President Barroso regarding the new Commission’s work programme and strategic priorities he will be presenting on 14-16th of July to the new Parliament opening session. EAPN highlights how the current growth and competition focus of the Lisbon Strategy has not managed to reduce the gap between rich and poor, with 79 million people still facing poverty.