European Health Forum, 5-8th October – EAPN speaks in final plenary

05-08/10 – The Annual European Health Forum,  was held in Gastein, Austria from the 5th to the 8th October, on the topic : Innovation and Well-being: European Health in EU2020 and beyond. EAPN participated in the forum and spoke in the final plenary on: Health by design – the road to well-being,
responding to the key note addresses of John Dalli, EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy: J Dalli and Ms Jakab, Regional Director for Europe for the World Health Organisation

23/09/2011: EAPN’s conference on the crisis


crisis-conference-274-resizedcrisis-conference-282-resizedcrisis-conference-292-resized{jathumbnail}This conference aimed at providing a unique space for exchange between anti-poverty activists, trade-unionists, other NGOs activists, policy decision makers and researchers on the causes and the consequences of the crisis and on possible alternative approaches. As a participative network, the voice of people experiencing poverty was at the centre of the debates which gave a large space to the presentation of members’ experiences and mobilisations.

MEP Karima Delli and EAPN hold a public presentation of EAPN’s explainer on “Wealth, inequality and social polarisation in the EU”

2011-10-04-greens-and-eapn-presentation-wealth-explainerwealthexplainer-hearing-001-resizedwealthexplainer-hearing-007-resizedwealthexplainer-hearing-010-resizedwealthexplainer-hearing-017-resized{jathumbnail}We know there are enough resources for everyone – all is needed is political will. On Tuesday 4 October, MEP Karima Delli and EAPN held a public presentation of EAPN’s explainer on Wealth, inequality and social polarisation in the EU. Speakers included Michael Moser, Vice President of EAPN, Martin Schürtz, expert on wealth and inequalities and Andrew Watt, Senior Researcher at the Eurropean Trade Union Institute (ETUI).

5 EAPN national members and EAPN Europe address President Barroso for more detailed Recommendations on National Reform Programmes

On 19th July, anti-poverty organisations in 5 EU Member States (Portugal, Ireland, Romania, Greece and Latvia) and EAPN Europe wrote to Mr Barroso to request that the European Commission publish more detailed Recommendations on National Reform Programmes for each of their countries, reviewing the key objectives set by Europe 2020.