The Poverty Alliance (member of EAPN UK): Poverty & Social Justice Must be at the Heart of Referendum Debate

With the date for the referendum on Scottish independence now set, hundreds of people will gather in Glasgow for the 4th Scottish Assembly for Tackling Poverty to debate how to create a more socially just Scotland. Organisers of the Assembly, the Poverty Alliance, want to see issues of social justice at the heart of the debate about Scotland’s future.

EAPN Spain: The People’s Legislative Initiative on mortgage (Iniciativa Legislativa Popular Hipotecaria): all political groups in the Parliament agree to discuss it

21/01 – EAPN Spain, as a leading member of the committee promoting the Popular Legislative Initiative on retroactive payment in kind, on halting evictions standstill and on the social rent – the Table of the 3rd Sector of Catalunya along with many other prominent social partners, welcomes the admission of the ILP by all parliamentary groups.