Opening of the 2010 Year in France!

László Andor, the new EU Commissioner responsible for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion attended the opening conference of the 2010 European Year in Paris. It was the first public engagement of the EU Commissioner. 60 projects that will receive funding from the National Implementing Body in France were presented. In his intervention, Fintan Farrell, Director of EAPN, called for support for an EU target in the fight against poverty and social exclusion…


EAPN Belgium (Walloon network) conference on women’s poverty

The Collectif des femmes (Women’s association) from Louvain-La-Neuve and the Réseau Wallon de Lutte contre la Pauvreté (Walloon  Anti-Poverty Network) organised a conference on « La pauvreté au féminin – Elles, leurs droits, leurs revendications, leurs stratégies,… » « Women’s poverty – They, their rights, their  demands, their strategies, … » on 2 March 2010, in Louvain-La-Neuve.…


EAPN Ireland: Closure of Community Development Projects Will Seriously and Permanently Undermine Local Efforts to Tackle Poverty

Responding on the decision to abolish nearly 30 Community Development projects across the country, Anna Visser Director of the European Anti-Poverty Network Ireland said that the move “will seriously and permanently undermine local efforts to tackle poverty and raises serious questions about the Government’s commitment to facilitating active participation in European Affairs at local and…

Portuguese schools anticipates the launch of the European Year

In order to mark the European Year combating Poverty and Social Exclusion, EAPN Portugal and the artistic school Escola Artística Soares de Reis (EASS) have designed a common project, which is the creation of a piece of jewellery which symbolises the message that the pupils of the Escola Artística Soares de Reis (EASS) wish to pass on to everybody:the proportion of wealth distribution in the world is unequal.