The Poverty Alliance (EAPN Scotland): New edition of Poverty in Scotland

08/03/2014 – The Child Poverty Action Group in association with the Poverty Alliance (EAPN in Scotland), the Open University and Glasgow Caledonian University have published a new edition of Poverty in Scotland series of books. The latest edition focuses on the key social justice and anti-poverty issues facing Scotland as it decides its constitutional future on 18 September 2014. As well as looking at the Scottish situation, the collection contains articles look at the experience of tackling poverty in Germany, Belgium, the Basque Country, Catalonia and others.

Belgian Anti-poverty networks react to national authorities’ contradictions on poverty

21/03/2014 – The Belgian Anti-Poverty Network (BAPN) and the Flemish Anti-Poverty Network (Netwerk tegen Armoede) reacted to the declarations of Maggie De Block, Belgian Secretary of State for Social Inclusion and the Fight against Poverty, who reacted to the increase in poverty in Belgium (1/5 children in Belgium grows up in poverty, 1/3 in the Brussels Region) by the National Plan for the Fight against Child Poverty. One of the objectives of this Plan is to be readable and accessible for children themselves.However, BAPN and its Flemish regional network point out numerous counterproductive measures taken by the current federal government, clashing with their ‘well-intentioned’ objectives described in the National Plan for the Fight against Child Poverty, as these measures clearly contribute to aggravate poverty:

BAPN is campaigning with three manifestos for the federal (national) and European elections

On 25 May, Belgium will vote at European level but also at Belgian level (for the federal and regional Parliaments). Belgium and Europe need political decision makers who get formally committed for a more social Belgium and Europe, to stop impoverishing policies and take concrete and efficient actions to eradicate poverty in Belgium and Europe. The Belgian Anti-Poverty Network (BAPN) is campaigning with three manifestos for the federal (national) and European elections:

FNARS (member of EAPN France): What solutions for the homeless, bactk toe street from 31 March?

19/03/2014 – March 31st marks the end of the winter break, which means evictions suspended during winter will resume and emergency winter accomodation facilities closing down. While figures of the Barometer 115 for the month of February 2014 show an extreme saturation of the accommodation in the 37 departments studied with only 44% of accommodation requests that were responded to (55% in Paris), several hundreds of places will close down on March 31 without any solution for people.