FNARS (member of EAPN France): Will the fight against poverty still be a Governmental priority in 2014?

Launched in early 2013, the multi-year plan to fight against poverty and social inclusion, initiated a change in the consideration of the precariousness and the fight against poverty in our country. Inter became this struggle would then affect all public policies to finally get specific answers and multiplication associated devices . In this respect, the cancellation of the Interministerial Committee for the fight against exclusion to be held tomorrow is a bad omen. One year after the launch of the plan , where are we ? What are the consequences?

EAPN Spain celebrates 10 years of commitment to the most vulnerable

On its 10th anniversary, EAPN calls for adequate minimum income in Spain and Europe

Madrid, January 24, 2014. EAPN Spain (EAPN-ES) today celebrates 10 years of renewing its commitment to the most vulnerable people in Spain. In these years, the Network has established itself as a firm commitment of NGOs in social action politically influence the achievement of a just and cohesive society.

CILAP (EAPN Italy) welcomes invitation from Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to take part in the Italian Operationnal Programme of the Fund for the Most Deprived

Rome, January 23, 2014 – CILAP EAPN Italia was invited to participate in the first meeting organized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies related to the strategic role that the different levels of government and the social partners must play in relation to the guidelines aimed at the preparation of the Italian Operational…

CILAP (EAPN Italy) in GRUNDTVIG Learning partnership Increasing Participation and Citizenship in Europe (ICE) Transnational Meeting on Prison and Poverty

AVELLINO 16 -19 January, 2014 – CILAP (EAPN Italy) co-organised the transnational Meeting Learning partnership Increasing Participation and Citizenship in Europe (ICE) entitled “Prison and Poverty – Tools and methodologies of participation”. This meeting is one of the 4 transnational events of the Grundtvig project “Increasing participation and Citizenship in Europe” (ICE). People in poverty, convicts and ex-convicts, people working with them or other disadvantaged groups, i.e. community operators and organizers, social workers, social cooperatives, associations attended the event, as well as people coming from the partners countries: Hungary, the Netherlands and Austria.

EAPN Ireland: Anti Poverty Network discusses Troika-Government Programme with European Parliament delegation

The cumulative impact of unemployment, service cuts, exclusions from eligibility for benefits and increases in costs for people on low income are deepening poverty and destitution. We need a new direction to create a more inclusive and equal Ireland.

17/01/2014 – A delegation from  the European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN) Ireland, along with the Society of St Vincent de Paul, today met with the fact-finding mission from the European Parliament’s Economic and Finance Committee to discuss the legacy of the Economic Adjustment Programme agreed between the ‘Troika’ and the Irish Government.

Praksis (member of EAPN Greece) release their publication and video Plus To Minus

Dec 2013 – The effects of the Greek financial crisis, the rate of layoffs, the increasing rate of taxation, pay cuts and pensions reductions, the recorded loss of property due to lack of ability to repay bank loans along with the general financial insecurity arising from pension reforms, have created an unusual alarming phenomenon: the rise of poverty and precarious conditions for a substantial amount of households in Greece that were self-sufficient up to now and are now facing the terrifying reality of homelessness.The publication gives key data on poverty in Greece and other EU countries. It goes along with a short 36-second video.

Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform (MAPP) holds Meeting of People experiencing poverty

24/12/2013 – As part of the joint initiative Decent Minimum Income with other stakeholders, the MAPP held its 3rd Meeting of People experiencing poverty and social exclusion under the tile of “Dignified life for all citizens” in Hotel Porta, in Skopje. The main goals of the meeting were to ensure democratic debate amongst all concerned parties and active involvement in decision making for people living in poverty and social exclusion.