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Stand up for Basic Income as a Human Right! SIGN NOW!

 European Citizens’ Initiative for an Unconditional Basic Income: please stand up for Basic Income as a Human Right! SIGN NOW!
WHAT IS BASIC INCOME? The emancipatory Unconditional Basic Income is defined by the following four criteria:
universal, individual, unconditional, high enough to ensure an existence in dignity and participation in society.
An Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) or Citizen’s Income is a guaranteed income, given to all in addition to any other income they might receive. By advancing equality and economic participation while enabling simpler welfare systems, UBI leads to a fairer and more efficient society.


EAPN Spain: 2nd National Congress of people experiencing poverty in Valladolid

19-21/09 – EAPN Spain and EAPN Castilla y Leon organize the 2nd National Congress of people experiencing poverty in Valladolid, which is also the 9th meeting of People experiencing poverty organised at national level in Spain. Under the slogan “Citizenship Rights, from  information to participation”, the Congress gathers over 160 people from all over Spain will gather at this meeting in order to meet fundamental rights that are recognized as citizens of the European Union. It takes place in the framework of the 2013 European Year of Citizens 2013.

EAPN Ireland meeting with Troika: Post-bailout Ireland must prioritise social consensus

15/07 – A delegation from EAPN Ireland met the Troika delegation, along with a delegation from the Society of St Vincent de Paul. This is the third time that EAPN Ireland, a network of over 300 grass-roots community groups, has met  the Troika during their quarterly visits to review Ireland’s ‘bailout’ programme. More information in EAPN’s…