The Poverty Alliance (EAPN Scotland): New Statistics Show Increasing In-Work Poverty in Scotland

01/07/2014 – Today’s figures published by the Scottish Government on Poverty and Inequality show a rise in the number of people in Scotland living in poverty, and highlights the continuing increase in in-work poverty.  In 2012/13, 16 per cent of people in Scotland were living in poverty, compared with 14 per cent the previous year.  In real terms, this means that there are now 820,000 individuals are now living in poverty in Scotland. 

Poverty Alliance welcomes report from Expert Working Group on Welfare Reform

04/06/2014 – The Poverty Alliance has responded to the report published today by the Expert Working Group on Welfare Reform. The Group was established to advise the Scottish Government on the principles that should underpin the welfare system in an independent Scotland.  Their first report looked at the practicalities of delivering pensions and social security payments. 

EAPN Spain: 2014 National Reform Programmes and the Recommendation of the European Council

The European Council gives warning to Spain regarding falling income and rising poverty and inequality

03/06/2014 – EAPN Spain has recently discovered the Recommendations of the European Council on the Spanish Government’s NRP. First, the measures outlined will involve a higher level of cuts in order to keep adjusting the deficit. If the implementation of this recommendation does not take into account the negative social impacts, inequality rates, adult and youth unemployment, poverty and social exclusion rates will inevitably keep rising. Second, the Council is aware of the acute social problems in Spain, and is asking the Spanish Government to may more attention to it. 

FNARS (member of EAPN France): press conference and mobilisation call on Government to put (back) vulnerable people at the heart of its agenda

Despite numerous alerts sent by organisations to the Government on the social difficulties throughout the country, the Collectif des Associations Unies (United organisations network) deplores the lack of consideration of the Government as to people living in poverty and in poor housing. As a result, the organisations part of the Collectif will mobilise next Monday, Whit Monday, a day “of solidarity”, calling on the Government to put (back( vulnerable people at the heart of its agenda.