Press Release: EAPN welcomes historic target to reduce poverty and inequality – but how will it be delivered?

Brussels, 4 March 2010 – EAPN cautiously welcomes the Commission’s proposals for the first explicit target to reduce poverty and inequality in the EU, as an interim target to eradicating poverty and social exclusion in the EU but is surprised that no recognition is made of the failure the “current growth and jobs” to deliver on poverty, exclusion and inequality and the lack of concrete proposals on how a poverty and inequality target will be delivered at EU and national level.

Press release: EAPN calls on EU Leaders to set an ambitious target for poverty reduction in ‘Europe 2020 strategy‘

Brussels, 24 February 2010 – Today, EAPN has sent a letter to President Barroso, following the informal Council held on 11 February and the recent comments made by the Commission that appear to give rise for hope that the fight against poverty and social exclusion could find a prominent place within the Europe 2020 strategy.