EAPN’s core demands well reflected in in its input from 2012 in new SPC report on Tackling child poverty and promoting child well-being

The new SPC report on Tackling child poverty and promoting child well-being was adopted on 27 June. The annex of the report includes the summary of stakeholder consultation, including EAPN’s. This will form the basis of the Communication and the Recommendation on Child Poverty due out by the end of the year. EAPN’s core demands in its input from 2012, are well reflected, particularly in an increased focus on adequate income support – including access to quality jobs and social protection/social security “considering the different costs related to different age ranges and complementing income support through in-kind benefits e.g. childcare, health, housing, etc. including ‘maintaining an appropriate balance between universal policies and targeted approaches’.

EAPN letters

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Quality Work for Quality Life! EAPN’s 10 Principles

{jathumbnail}Not any job is a sure route out of poverty. Many people experiencing poverty or social exclusion do, in fact, hold a job, and yet this is insufficient to prevent them from enduring hardship and isolation. In order for employment to fulfil its role, of effectively shielding people from a life in poverty, it needs to fulfil a set of quality criteria. EAPN has produced these 10 principles on what constitutes a quality job.


EAPN publishes Full Assessment of NRPs and NSRs: An EU worth defending – beyond austerity to social investment and inclusive growth

{jathumbnail}As the internal EU debates about new priorities for Europe 2020 in the Annual Growth Survey 2013 commence, EAPN has published its Analysis of the 2012 National Reform Programmes (NRPs) and National Social Reports (NSRs): An EU worth defending: beyond austerity to social investment and inclusive growth.