EAPN Austria contributes to publication Growth in Transition

{jathumbnail}Stimulating growth through adjusting macroeconomic conditions remains the principal policy response to pressing problems of unemployment, poverty and environmental degradation. However, the current growth trajectory has neither led to a reduction of our overall resource use – as we use resources and energy more efficiently we consume more – nor created the conditions for full employment and increasing wellbeing. Growth in Transition, to which Michaela Moser, from EAPN Austria (die Amutskonferenz),

NEW! EAPN Response to the AGS and the Draft Employment Report

{jathumbnail}Last week, EAPN sent its response to the Annual Growth Survey and Draft Employment Report to the Employment Committee and Social Protection Committee (EMCO and SPC), prior to their discussions on their opinion on the AGS, urging for a more coherent approach to implementing the poverty target, in the light of the dominant focus on austerity measures and fiscal consolidation and concrete proposals to deliver on the new social priority 4 in the AGS.