EAPN Hungary shares an article on the Hungarian National Social Report criticizing the content and the process of the preparation

18/04/2012 – Excerpt of the article: “Hungary met the requirements set by the European Union in a strange way. The Ministry of National Resources drafted the National Social Report which is a part of the EU social inclusion process, totally without any dialogue and consultation with stakeholders, civil society organisations or experts.

EAPN Greece shares an article: Should Stability and Growth Pact be strengthened?

Recently, economists from the Paris-based economic institute OFCE, published an article on the results of their economic analysis of the New Fiscal Treaty, using a kind of Keynesian simulation model for 4 EU countries, with which they analysed the economic implications of the new fiscal rules of this Treaty for the next 20 years. The economic consequences are recessions, long-term deflation and chronic stagnation.