EAPN expresses its serious concerns regarding the tendencies threatening democracy, social inclusion and human rights in Hungary

Brussels, 19 March 2013 – EAPN expresses its support to all Hungarian non-governmental initiatives mobilising to draw attention both inside and outside of the country on the new instruments recently integrated into the Fundamental Law, which replaced in 2011 the Constitution of Hungary. These instruments further threaten democracy, social inclusion and human rights in Hungary. EAPN calls on the European Union institutions and all other relevant international actors to put pressure on the Hungarian Government and the Hungarian Parliament to reconsider and withdraw these recent amendments and the ‘anti-poor’ policies that accompany them.

The Water Campaign: OVER 1 MILLION SIGNATURES COLLECTED! but required numbers per country! – Help us Sign and Spread the petition against water privatization!

Many millions of people continue to be deprived of clean, safe and affordable water and sanitation, even in Europe.

We have managed to collect 1 million signatures,  but for the 1st European Citizens’ Initiative to be put on the European agenda, a minimum of signatures is required per country! Have you also signed it?

EAPN Spain: The People’s Legislative Initiative on mortgage (Iniciativa Legislativa Popular Hipotecaria): all political groups in the Parliament agree to discuss it

21/01 – EAPN Spain, as a leading member of the committee promoting the Popular Legislative Initiative on retroactive payment in kind, on halting evictions standstill and on the social rent – the Table of the 3rd Sector of Catalunya along with many other prominent social partners, welcomes the admission of the ILP by all parliamentary groups.


EAPN intervenes in Caritas Europa Event – Growing Crisis in Europe – is the EU capable of an effective response?

On 21/02 – Caritas held a significant event in the EESC showcasing the main findings and recommendations of the Caritas Europa Shadow Report on Europe 2020 strategy and the Crisis Monitoring report in Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Greece. EAPN intervened in the panel chaired by Pierre Baussand, Director of Soial Platform on how the EU can stimulate inclusive growth the European Semester, together with Egbert Holthuis, European Commission, Veronica Lope Fontagné, EPP Rapporteur on the Opinion on the AGS 2013, and Robert Urbé, Policy Coordinator, Caritas Luxembourg. A debate was held at the end of the day on whether the EU is adopting an effective response to the crisis.