EAPN Speaks at ImPRovE Mid-term Conference ‘The distributive impact of policies before and during the crisis – Lessons for Europe 2020’

08/04/2014 – EAPN spoke at the IMPROVE Conference on The distributive impact of policies before and during the crisis: Lessons for Europe 2020. The conference, held in the University of Antwerp presented the mid-term results of the EU funded project ImPRovE. The project is scrutinizing the impact of policies on poverty and inequality trends during the Lisbon era and the recent economic crisis, drawing lessons for the future. It paid particular attention to the countries hardest hit by the crisis and reflected on how the Europe 2020 targets can be reached.

Spring Alliance European Elections’ Manifesto is out!

As a member of the Social Platform, EAPN supports and has contributed to the Manifesto of the Spring Alliance (Social Platform, EEB, Concord, ETUC) for the European Elections A better Europe now, which aims to present a positive vision of Europe “that puts people and planet first”.  In our previous Flash newsletter, we mentioned the launch of the manifesto (08/04) but didn’t provide you with the actual document. There it is!

The Poverty Alliance (EAPN Scotland): New edition of Poverty in Scotland

08/03/2014 – The Child Poverty Action Group in association with the Poverty Alliance (EAPN in Scotland), the Open University and Glasgow Caledonian University have published a new edition of Poverty in Scotland series of books. The latest edition focuses on the key social justice and anti-poverty issues facing Scotland as it decides its constitutional future on 18 September 2014. As well as looking at the Scottish situation, the collection contains articles look at the experience of tackling poverty in Germany, Belgium, the Basque Country, Catalonia and others.