EAPN publishes Full Assessment of NRPs and NSRs: An EU worth defending – beyond austerity to social investment and inclusive growth

{jathumbnail}As the internal EU debates about new priorities for Europe 2020 in the Annual Growth Survey 2013 commence, EAPN has published its Analysis of the 2012 National Reform Programmes (NRPs) and National Social Reports (NSRs): An EU worth defending: beyond austerity to social investment and inclusive growth.

Fundación Secretariado Gitano (Member of EAPN Spain): More EU Funds for labour insertion of disadvantaged groups in Spain, especially young people

26/06/2012 – The Spanish Minister of Employment and Social Security, Fátima Báñez, made public on 26th June a reallocation of ESF funds for the Operational Programme “Fight against Discrimination” (2007-2013), which aims to promote the labour insertion of the more disadvantaged groups, in particular, immigrants, Roma, excluded groups and disabled persons.