2015 NRP report cover

EAPN Assessment of the National Reform Programmes 2015 – Can the Semester Deliver on Poverty and Participation?

09/10/2015 – Today EAPN released its EAPN Assessment of the National Reform Programmes 2015 – Can the Semester Deliver on Poverty and Participation? at its Annual Policy Conference held in partnership with and at the premises of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). The report, strongly welcomed by the attendance including high-level representatives, provides a synthesis of EAPN members’ assessment of the 2015 National Reform Programmes. Each of the 21 National EAPN Networks have assessed on how far the NRPs are delivering on the social targets of Europe 2020 (particularly the poverty target, but also the employment and education targets) and on the effectiveness of civil society stakeholders’ engagement with the governance process of the Semester and Europe 2020. The report consequently draws 3 main messages. 

EMIN | ETUC adopts action plan in favour of EU Framework Directive on Adequate Minimum Income Schemes

02/10/2015 – Fintan Farrell, Coordinator for the EMIN Project and European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) Project officer is attending today the 13th ETUC Congress #ETUC15. On behalf of the EMIN Project, its partners and EAPN, he congratulates the organisation for adopting an action plan in favour of an EU Framework Directive on Adequate Minimum Income Schemes.  This is great step forward. Congratulations to Claudia Menne for her careful and considered handling of this issue. It is just one of her legacies from her time as Confederal Secretary“, he said.

EAPN speaks in Final Conference of SOPHIE Project: Impact of social and economic policies on health inequalities

01/10/2015 – On 29 September 2015, the researchers of the FP7 funded SOPHIE Project held a Conference during which they presented key findings of the research through moderated discussions with representatives of the European civil society and EU Institutions. The Project evaluated the impact of current social and economic policies on health inequalities in Europe with focus on the following areas: macroeconomic policies, welfare state, labour market, built environment, housing, gender and migration. The conclusions of the project bring data-based evidence reaffirming that restrictions and liberalisation of the EU economic and social policies in times of the recession and austerity measures have negative impact on the well-being of people. Sian Jones, Policy Coordinator at EAPN, discussant on the Panel on ‘Crisis, Austerity, Welfare and Employment’, welcomed the findings that good-quality social protection systems mitigated the impact of austerity and reduced health inequalities.

AGE Platform Europe | Older persons’ rights should not be jeopardised by EU objectives on national fiscal consolidation and structural reforms!

22/09/2015 – The European Semester 2015 – the EU yearly cycle of economic policy coordination – has once more overlooked fundamental rights. AGE Platform Europe is deeply concerned that in the 2015 Country Specific Recommendations the social objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy have further receded to the background. Many reforms in social protection – in particular in pensions, health and long-term care – are now challenging older persons’ rights to participate in society, live independently and in dignity.

Social Platform | What would Europe for the common good look like?

28/09/2015 – On 30 September, the College of Commissioners will discuss what a new European social agenda should look like in practice. On 1st October, Pierre Baussand, Director of Social Platform, Barbara Helfferich, EAPN DIrector and other civil-society representatives will meet Marianne Thyssen, Commission for Employment, Social Affairs to discuss how to make Europe worthy of a social ‘triple A’ status.

2015 EAPN case study DRIVERS

EAPN Toolkit on how to develop focus groups

In 2015, as part of the ‘DRIVERS for Health Equity’ project, EAPN published a report and synthesis of case-study evidence on income and social protection, which is a joint EAPN and Centre for health Equity Studies (CHESS) work. Authored by Fiona McHardy with Olle Lundberg, this research undertook a case study approach exploring in a comparative country context, the impact of social protection system, both operations and provisions, on health inequality, in Hungary, Poland, UK, Sweden and Portugal. The publication also includes a very useful EAPN toolkit on how to develop focus groups (Annex 2 – Page 31). Open the Report and Toolkit here.