Dignity International Campaign (supported by EAPN)

Enter the Campaign Identity Contest – Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (India), the Four Slum Regional Network (Thailand), the Nairobi People’s Settlement Network (NPSN), Ekta Parishad (India), Union National dos Moradias Popular (Brazil), the European Anti Poverty Network, the International Alliance of Inhabitants, and Dignity International are preparing to launch a campaign on “Dignity…

8th European Meeting of People experiencing poverty

The 8th Meeting of people experiencing poverty took place in Brussels on 15 and 16 May 2009 and addressed the topics of Housing, Financial Inclusion and Access to Basic Services. The basic purpose of this event is to listen to people experiencing poverty, and to establish a dialogue with policy- and decision-makers in the field of fight against poverty and social exclusion at the European level and at national levels. It is organised by the Czech Presidency of the European Union, with the support of the European Commission and of the European Anti-Poverty Network.