Report of EAPN seminar on NGOs’ access to Structural Funds

As Member States were still negotiating their strategic priorities (National Strategic Reference Frameworks and Operational Programmes) with the European Commission, the EAPN seminar aimed at examining the place given to social inclusion in the new programming period of structural funds, focusing more specifically on mechanisms that can support social NGOs’ access to the funds.

Press release: Everyone deserves a decent life: EAPN kicks off EU wide campaign for Adequate Minimum Income schemes!

The European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN) launches today an EU wide campaign for Adequate Minimum Income schemes. 24 out of 27 Member States have minimum income schemes in place at this present time, but there are serious flaws with their accessibility and their adequacy. It is time to state clearly that adequate Minimum Income schemes are a fundamental prerequisite for an EU based on social justice and equal opportunities for all!