Commission lacks of a social vision

President Barroso gives State of the Union speech and Commission’s agenda – Priority is given to markets over investment in people

12/09/2013, Brussels – President Barroso made his State of the Union speech yesterday in the European Parliament, setting the tone of the European Commission’s priorities for the coming year.

EAPN welcomes its new Director Barbara Helfferich

29 August 2013, Brussels – Barbara Helfferich was appointed earlier this month as the new Director of the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN), the largest European network of national, regional and local networks, involving anti-poverty NGOs and grass-root groups as well as European Organisations active in the fight against poverty, social exclusion and inequalities. Replacing Fintan Farrell,Barbara comes to EAPN with a wealth of experience in the field of social policy, notably on social exclusion and anti-discrimination.

EAPN Ireland meeting with Troika: Post-bailout Ireland must prioritise social consensus

15/07 – A delegation from EAPN Ireland met the Troika delegation, along with a delegation from the Society of St Vincent de Paul. This is the third time that EAPN Ireland, a network of over 300 grass-roots community groups, has met  the Troika during their quarterly visits to review Ireland’s ‘bailout’ programme. More information in EAPN’s…