EAPN presents its recommendations at event hosted by MEP Dennis de Jong: Poverty Reduction – Bridging the Gap

 On 16 October, EAPN Policy coordinator Sian Jones spoke on the role of Europe 2020 and the current state of play of the European Semester in the fight against poverty, along with Sonja Leemkuil, from EAPN Netherlands, who gave her testimony, at the event Poverty Reduction – Bridging the Gap, organized by Dennis de Jong as part of activities for the International Day of Poverty for the Dutch Socialist Party.

Stand up for Basic Income as a Human Right! SIGN NOW!

 European Citizens’ Initiative for an Unconditional Basic Income: please stand up for Basic Income as a Human Right! SIGN NOW!
WHAT IS BASIC INCOME? The emancipatory Unconditional Basic Income is defined by the following four criteria:
universal, individual, unconditional, high enough to ensure an existence in dignity and participation in society.
An Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) or Citizen’s Income is a guaranteed income, given to all in addition to any other income they might receive. By advancing equality and economic participation while enabling simpler welfare systems, UBI leads to a fairer and more efficient society.


EAPN speaks in Roundtable Discussion launching new White Paper of the International Juvenile Justice Office

23/09 – EAPN spoke in the EESC in a roundtable panel part on: The impact of the economic crisis on employment, education, social exclusion and children´s rights”in the framework of the IJJO White Paper Launch : “Save money, protect society and realise youth potential – Improving youth justice practice in a time of economic crisis”.The IJJO report highlights the social impact of the crisis on young people, showing that the cuts have been made ‘where it hurts them most’ affecting household income, services and employment, which have repercussions in the rise of juvenile crime.

EAPN calls on President Barroso to restore credibility in European Semester by delivering on Europe 2020 goals and promises

04 October 2013 – The European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) sent an urgent letter to President of the European Commission Mr Barroso which concluded that the European Semester had failed to deliver on its promises on poverty reduction and stakeholders had not been able to engage and contribute to the Europe 2020 decision-making processes in any meaningful way. The letter also made reference to previous statements by President Barroso when he referred “the pressing need for effective policies” to address poverty, or called them an “economic necessity”.